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Important! Please read before buying BIDs!

  • BIDs are credited to your Account as soon as your payment is posted to Wellbid's bank account. Payment verification usually takes just a few minutes, but, in some cases, may require more time. Before you start bidding on Auctions, please make sure that you have a sufficient BID balance in your Account.
  • Some financial institutions do not process payments on a 24-hour basis. If you are attempting to recharge your Account in the evening or on a weekend, check your financial institution's cut-off time for transaction processing. Note that does not have access to transaction details. All questions should be directed to your payment service provider.
  • Each payment must be made separately. Do not enter multiple payment reference numbers for one payment and do not combine payments for several BID packs or won Auctions. The payment service operator will not be able to process such payments.
  • Please keep in mind that BIDs are not an investment and are non-refundable. A BID only represents the right to participate in an Auction. Regardless of whether you win an Auction or not, the expended BIDs are not returned to your Account (“Buy It Now” purchases being the only exception)!

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